The hidden power of context

Sophie’s campaign for clear communication

Context. Such a simple word. But, one with hidden power. Often, it’s the only difference between clear communication and complete confusion.

I was at a networking lunch today, listening to a guest speaker presenting his take on effective marketing. The audience was really engaged – I could tell because they kept taking pictures of his slides with their phones.

Then… he lost us. We went from an interesting talk about a new way at looking at customer experience and marketing to a sales pitch.

Not an open “Like what you see? This is how we can implement it in your company or work with you to implement it with you clients.” But a blunt “Here’s some figures of ROI improvements for our clients. Any questions?”

You could see the mood of the room change. He’d lost us.

We thought we were listening to a presentation on a new concept. He thought he was spruiking his business / software.

Because the presenter didn’t give us a clear context for his presentation, he lost his audience (and possibly some profitable business).

Context! If you want to clearly communicate a concept, sales pitch or proposal – you need to set the context.


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