About the Web Content Manger

Hi I’m Sophie, the writer of the Web Content Manger.

I’ve been contenting / and running websites a while now (I was a wee tike in my 20s when I started, I have teen-aged step-kids now!).

NZ is where I hail from, you may have spotted my accent ;-). I cut my web management teeth on government websites in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital.

In 2002, I washed up on Melbourne’s shores inspired by a brief shopping holiday here in 1999.

I’ve played with a lot of online stuff since coming to the Great Southern Land. Flash cam and went (thank god!!). Screen sizes multiplied and we all responded to responsive pages by ‘optimising’ our content.

Social media appeared, and I dabbled.

The Web Content Manger is a collection of my thoughts and musings about the complex world of trying to communicate clearly in the wonderful world of web content.


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