Good customer experience isn’t just digital

Sophie’s campaign for clear communication

I’ve read a lot about “CX” recently. (That’s customer experience if you speak English, not ‘abbreviation’).

It’s fascinating to see the different interpretations of CX. Customer experience – the step by step, emotion by emotion experience your customer has when they interact with your business.

Pretty simple right? Apparently not.

Given many customers experience your company in the faceless world of websites, apps and call centre IVRs, it is hard to ‘know’ what they go through.

To me, that’s half the problem. When I read about ‘CX maturity’ and ‘optimising the customer experience’, what I see looks more like a digital strategy than a customer one.

Yes I know, we’re all online now. Everyone’s glued to their devices 24/7 (even me – Miss iPhone, iPad, laptop, Kindle girl).

But does that mean the only experience customers want is digital?

I don’t think so. I think for every time-poor, smart-phone addicted online native, there’s a human being wanting to walk into a shop or pick up a phone and TALK to someone.

So my customer experience strategies include off-line options. Call it omni-channel if you want to, but give your customers choice.


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