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The pluses and minuses of email

Sophie’s campaign for clear communication

I’m an email addict. I love getting them and I send more than I should. (This is at work, at home it’s all Messenger, emojis and face to face time.)

There’s something seductive about flicking off an email. Think a bit, type a bit and Send. Another task off your plate and somebody else’s problem.

But are we creating more work, not less? How do we know our email is read and actioned? Sure there’s Read Receipt but putting that on every email, would be creepy, and you’d still have to follow up each unread email.

Time consuming.

Surely it’s quicker to walk to a person’s desk and talk to them? OK, so they may be in another building/city/country but you have a phone, don’t you?

When I want something from a person at work I:

1. Talk to them – face to face if possible or on the phone.
2. Follow up with an email – so they have a written record.
3. Thank them in person when they’ve given me what I wanted/needed.

A lot of work? Maybe, but I build networks and good will, and my communication is clearer and easier. And as I build my network, each interaction takes less time and goes more smoothly.

And I’m racking up steps, walking around the building!! So the smart watch is happy too.