Can you handle (telling) the truth?

Sophie’s campaign for clear communication

Have you watched a Youi ad recently? The clean-cut young man interviewing customers on ‘how they use their car’ and ‘why their home is important to them’. Then ‘finding out’ how much they saved by choosing Youi for their insurance.

I find those ads fascinating.

It’s great that ‘Chris from Sydney’ saved $236 on his car insurance, but what is that saving based on? Did he move from another insurer and Youi’s premiums are $236 cheaper? Or did he just choose the cheapest Youi option – and the most expensive option would have cost $236 more?

That “what are they not telling me” feeling undermines any positive messages I get from the ad.

As marketers, we don’t have the luxury of telling half-truths if we want our campaigns to cut through. Customers want to know the whole story, not just the positive bit you want to tell them.

Stephanie Klein said “Tell the truth, or someone will tell it for you.”

Who do you want telling your truth?


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