Customers are smarter than we think they are.

Sophie’s campaign for clear communication

I’ve been reading about Trivago’s run-in with the ACCC – if you haven’t read about it Trivago got fined for making misleading price claims. This is a typical case of a company treating customers as revenue, not thinking people.

Sometimes it seems that advertising is just promises to pull in customers – without thinking about the plausibility of those promises.

“If you find a better price on the same item, we’ll beat it by x%” – when you’re the only seller of that product.

“Permeate free milk” – when most milk doesn’t have permeate in it anyway.

And don’t get me started on the iddy biddy Ts and Cs at the bottom of the screen!

Persuasive arguments, on the surface. But more and more customers are looking beyond the advertising to the actuality beyond.

As a consumer and a digital marketer, I have this request. Don’t wait until you get slapped on the wrist. Look at your messaging and make it honest.

Show some respect for your customers’ intelligence and tell them the truth. Find the REAL benefits of your product offering and promote them.

Do it right and you can avoid prosecution and gain loyal, profitable customers.


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