Hitting the mark with humour

Sophie’s campaign for clear communication

I have a very quirky sense of humour. It keeps me entertained and it can be very useful in business situations. But not everyone gets my jokes.

So I have to do some careful ground work to make sure my one-liners warm the room, rather than fall flat at my feet.

Humour is a powerful communication tool – when it works. It can break the ice in tense meetings, put new people at ease when you meet or brighten up a boring presentation.

When it doesn’t work, you can end up feeling like a right prat.

A lot of communication is like that. What you’re thinking in your head is not necessarily what comes out of your mouth (or keyboard) and certainly not what ends up in the minds of your listeners (or readers).

So the next time you share a gem of a yarn with those around you, take a moment… and follow the same steps you do with your ‘serious’ communications:

  1. Think of your audience.
  2. Ask yourself what message you’re trying to get across.
  3. Decide on your desired outcome.
  4. Shape your message with these things in mind.

Make sure your audience get the FULL story and can enjoy your humour as much as you do.

Next step – Saturday Night Live!


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